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Spray fixador de maquiagem mantêm sua maquiagem atraente e glowy.

Esse Spray de Configuração Make it Dewy oferece uma dose glamourosa de hidratação, para uma sensação de resfriamento fresco. Este spray hidratante mantém sua maquiagem intacta por até 16 horas. Não há necessidade de se preocupar com vincos, manchas ou craquelados.

Pulverize sob ou sobre sua maquiagem ou use sozinho para destacar sua pele. 

Na hora de aplicar, mantenha o frasco 2 palmos de distancia do rosto e aperte o borrifador. Vc pode aplicar antes, durante e depois da maquiagem.

60 mL  


Don't let your statement slip ... set it! Our Make it Last setting sprays always keep your makeup looks striking, and this Dewy 3-in-1 Setting Spray Hydrate + Illuminate Set is equal parts moisturizer and time-stopper. Did someone say makeup with the moistness? Prime, set and hydrate your skin for the ultimate boost in brightness. Our Make it Dewy Setting Spray delivers a glamorous dose of dewy hydration to your complexion, for a fresh cooling feel. This hydrating setting spray locks in your makeup for up to 16 hours of wear. No need to worry about creasing, smudging or fading -- this setting spray locks in your look with dewiness, but not dampness. Spray it under or over your makeup, or wear on its own to make your skin really stand out. Keep it in your makeup bag for the perfect glow on the go! 


This product – and every other Milani product – is never tested on animals. We don’t allow others to test on our behalf, either. Our products are 100% cruelty free.

Nothing with fur, fin or feathers was hurt to make this beauty essential. This product is 100% vegan.


This dewy finish setting spray works well under or over your makeup -- or on its own for a natural glow. Be sure to hold the bottle at least 10 inches away and spray in a zigzag formation to ensure full and even coverage. Make it Last is made for the long-haul -- this dewy skin mist can keep your makeup look locked for up to 16 hours. For looks that require extra hold, apply a thin layer of foundation, use dewy setting spray, then apply another layer of foundation on top. Do not spray directly into eyes.